Jetsurf Race Titanium (CZ-MSR40207B818)

Jetsurf Race Titanium (CZ-MSR40207B818)

SKU : CZ-MSR40207B818
Brand : Jetsurf

Product second-hand.


Engine (Propulsion Unit) Two-stroke, horizontal, single-cylinder engine, developed for JetSurf™ exclusively.
Cylinder volume: 90 cc
Compression ratio: 11:01
Max Speed: 60 km/h (37 mph)
Electronic Controller: Automatic electronic control unit with auto start/stop
Battery: Li-lon 34.6 Wh (3.2 Ah); nominal voltage 10.8 V; max. charging voltage is 12.6 V
Cooling: Water cooled
Starter: Electric starter
Spark Plug: NGK BP 7HS or NGK BPR 7HS
Lubrication system: Premixed fuel and oil. Fuel mixing ratio (fuel to oil) 50:1
Petrol: Minimum octane rating (RON) 95, unleaded
Oil: MOTOREX OCEAN FS 2T BIO; or oils meeting these standards: NMMA TC-W3, API TC, ISO-L-EGD: JASO FD/FC; TSI
Crussing range: At full throttle 0.66 hours
Passenger capacity: One operator
Max Rider weight (kg): 100
Manufacturer: MSR Engines s.r.o.
Dimensions: 1800 mm/70.87 inches
Width: 600 mm/23.62 inches
Height: 150 mm/5.91 inches
Weight: 18.5 kilograms/40.7 pounds
Maximum Load: 100 kilograms/220 pounds
Fuel Capacity: 2.8 liters/0.74 gallons
Power: 7.6kW/10.19 hp


Dimension (L x W x H) 0 x 0 x 0
Weight 0
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