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COUGAR is three cat’s in one bag. It can be set up as kayak, a wide kayak (adult +child), or as a sailing catamaran! Cougar has all you need to sail right out of the bag and is still incredibly light. It is easy for all abilities to sail in a breath of wind, but quick for the more experienced as the breeze picks up. Further APPS can be added such as attachable safety floats . The core float structure is also compatible with all other Kayacat APPS.The COUGAR sails well, even up wind, AND there's no boom to bang your head and no rigging wires! The sail furls around the rigless mast... you simply unfurl as much as you want. It is so stable, and with just a little sail unfurled its great for teaching kids to sail AND they can paddle back if they want. The sail rig takes just seconds to put up or take down. The seating/sailing position (facing across the floats) is extremely comfortable and adjustable...its like being in a deckchair.. you can stretch your legs out and relax against the backrest! The bonus is that if the wind drops, you stow the sail rig and paddle (or row) to where you want! The COUGAR can take our SCULLING or ROWING APPS which fit on in simply flies along and is more fun than going down the gym.....need exercise?...its perfect for you, its a full body work out, at the effort you choose! There's no need to return to your starting point....just pack it into the bakpak and travel on....even get on the 'stowed' bike.......great for adventures!
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